Hi there, I'm Steph!

I'm a holistic beauty nutritionista / business alignment coach / self-care guru.

All of these passions and skills have come together over the past decade and have led me to discover my sweet spot - something I like to call Lifestyle Design. 

I've designed a life and business I'm wildly obsessed with, and I'm a big believer in paying in forward, which is why; 


"I show women just like you how to design a business and lifestyle that totally ignites you

One that lights you up every day, one that feels harmonious and aligned, one that makes a lasting impact and income."






You’ll likely find me by the ocean, on Instagram, or simultaneously doing both

FYI my luscious life involves endless beach dates + building an empire from my iPhone.





I’m committed to helping you design your luscious life right now. 

Not waiting until _______ (fill in the blank; retirement, paying off debt, taking another course, waiting til you’re ready…) pssst newsflash; there’s never a perfect time so decide that you’re ready to get 'er done… I'm here to help. 

I've witnessed far too many people who are near & dear to me completely burn themselves out, destroy their health, and end up with zero time to enjoy the money they worked so hard to earn. Let's change this insanity, k?

My job is to give you those little nudges and encourage you to do what's best for YOU without sacrificing your precious health. I'm a master at seeing solutions to simplify your life. Together we'll create more time, space, freedom & money with subtle shifts in your mindset and workflow. 

 I show you how to work smarter,

not harder - with maximum reward and joy. 

I'll help you create a proactive plan leveraging my experience, tools, community and desire to serve you on a massive scale.

I’m hell-bent on living my best life so I can show you how to do the same. 

So lady love, if you can get behind blazing a trail together, channeling the power of crystals + angel cards, real talk + organic red vino… we’ll get along just great.