What if you dedicate this next year to propelling yourself forward in all areas of your life;

 your health, your wealth, your personal growth, self-care, and your overall happiness?

Just imagine how different your life could look in one short year...




Meet my tribe;







We have a big GLOBAL vision. 


That vision?

To support passionate wellness enthusiasts all across the globe to THRIVE

We teach you how to thrive in your health, self-care plan & mindset to significantly boost your brand, business and bank account without the burnout. 

We help you take your love of wellness and turn it into an online empire; being of service to as many people as your heart desires

(there are no limits when you're surrounded by big time dreamers)!

We provide the Luscious Life Design community (which far exceeds 500 members in nearly 10 countries), wealth + wellness masterminds to boost your confidence and success, world-class products for stunning health, the business platform to help you work smarter (not harder), and lifetime mentorship from multiple 6 and 7 figure earners who have designed the most luscious lives!


We believe business looks like this;

Collaboration > Competition

Blending your passions, skills and goals vs trying to 'balance' it all 

Taking a holistic approach to life + biz. Less forcing more flowing. Harmony is the name of the  game.

There's enough room for everyone to tap in to limitless abundance (I help with this mindset shift so you actually believe it)

Radiant health is a hot business magnet (which is why we fuel our cells with only the best. PS have you seen how much our team GLOWS?)



My life before & after implementing the Luscious Life philosophies is like night and day;


Stressed, living paycheque to paycheque and often working 2-3 jobs at once

Couldn't 'afford' to take a vacation

I was happy, but rarely wildly excited about anything

I attempted to do everything on my own


I live a life of complete freedom in every sense of the word;

I don't wake up to an alarm clock

I design my days - no boss, nobody hovering over my shoulder, nobody telling me when to take a pee break

I travel and expand my biz all.the.time

I no longer crave the escape a vacation provides, because I've designed a life I don't need a vacation from

I have a team of hundreds of like-minded bff's who I can turn to whenever I need a pick-me-up



Click here for my Luscious Life application!

Luscious Life Design Diamond 2016-05.png
Luscious Life Design Diamond 2016-05.png

Step 2:

Purchase Your Personalized Holistic Entrepreneur Start-Up Package

This wellness package is fully customized to your needs/goals and instantly activates your wellness + lifestyle business, (which in turn gains you access to our private forum and high-level mentorship). Get ready to grow! Cross-promotion opportunities, access to our global network and SO much more await. 

Step 1:

Watch our Luscious Life Design Ambassador Overview

Our 30 minute overview will teach you a bit more about who we are, what we do, and why we're committed to supporting you. You will receive the ambassador video after completion of my Luscious Life application.



Luscious Life Design Diamond 2016-05.png

Step 3:

Start Sharing, Thriving & Earning

Upon joining our team, you'll receive everything you need to operate a global wellness empire from your smart phone. #DreamJob

We'll book a coaching call where you get to share all your ideas, dreams and goals, and I'll explain how we'll make them happen together! 

You'll gain access to my social media training's (ie learn all the soulful strategies I've implemented to grow my wellness empire online) and then it's action time! 

Making an income from something that's true and authentic to you feels SO good, and I cannot wait to show you the way. xo



Luscious Life Design Diamond 2016-05.png

Ready? Lets collaborate!

You’ve got wild ideas, relentless drive & motivation, and a gorgeous message to share. 

We’ve got the perfect platform + plug-n-play system to execute it all and accelerate your growth.

Let’s join forces and make magic unfold.



The You-Economy; Tune in to see why I think it's the ultimate lifestyle design platform! 

Luscious Living Podcast Interview; The You Economy




Wanna hear a little more?

You’re a yogi, life coach, nutritionist, visionary, change-maker, new mama, corporate employee seeking a side hustle…

whatever your background is, your desire to tap into something larger than yourself is immense and you’re ready to let loose. You’ve watched the Luscious Life Design Ambassador Overview video and understand what residual income and leverage can do for you. Plus being partnered with a rock-solid company such as USANA Health Sciences means you’ve got some pretty powerful force backing you up. Win win.


You purchase your LLD start-up package, fully equipped with world-class nutritional products to boost your energy, nourish your cells, and make you radiate + all the training and resources you need to run a successful wellness empire.


You tap into our award winning business training, while behind the scenes start developing a positive health testimonial by using and loving our favourite products. You’ll be welcomed with open arms to our private forum where you’ll start networking with wellness entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

By the time you’ve completed your online business training, you’re now fully amped up to start sharing our fabulous nutritional products with friends, family, and clients – we’ll show you how to do this in a way that works best for you {don’t worry, none of us are ‘salespeople’}. We simply share the things we know and trust will make a large impact on the health of our loved ones.

From here, the sky is quite literally the limit! You’ll have multiple mentors guiding you along the way, you’ll become the healthiest you’ve ever been, your leadership and personal development skills will skyrocket, and your bank account will most certainly thank you.