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Through my guidance, you’ll dissolve the fears and emotional layers holding you back from shining your light, reconnect to your heart's brilliant wisdom, learn to trust yourself deeply, and most of all, you will reawaken and remember who you are at the soul level.

Learn two heart opening breath techniques, experience Heart Coherence and discover how to trust and act on the guidance your heart is sharing with you each and every day.

Experience my signature method of Emotional and Energetic Alchemy.

We’ll combine EFT and Breathwork to clear densities and disharmonies from the mind and body and bring you back to your true, authentic essence.

Through the power of quantum technology, I will analyze your information field, collecting data on your energy systems (aka chakras).

Understanding our chakra system helps us uncover energetic blocks, and allows us to reach our higher purpose and potential.

Come play in the quantum with me! As LightWorkers and leaders of the new paradigm, we realize the ‘old ways’ are crumbling. The need for conscious tools to support our sovereignty is soaring.

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Healy Frequency Device: The Ultimate Tool for LightWorkers & Spiritual Coaches

September 20, 20237 min read

Healy Frequency Device: The Ultimate Tool for LightWorkers & Spiritual Coaches

Have you been seeing the Healy Frequency Device all over Instagram and wondering what the fuss is about, and how it may be a supportive tool for LightWorkers and Spiritual Coaches? 

This is one of my favorite things to chat about, so grab a bevvy and let’s explore…

Healy Frequency Device for LightWorkers & Spiritual Coaches

As LightWorkers, we typically have a stockpile of tools to support ourselves, as well as our clients; oracle cards, essential oils, sound bowls, crystals, meditation, and reiki… (if you’re anything like me, this list is boundless and forever evolving).


Is there a common thread which ties all these tools and modalities together?

Yup! They are energetic and vibrational by nature.

Healy is no different.


What Exactly Is Healy? 

Meet HEALY The hand-held device which enriches and amplifies your entire life via the power of frequency.

Healy is a holistic, wearable frequency device which analyses our Information Field.

It can scan our aura (energy fields), our meridians (energy pathways), our chakras (energy centres) and so much more.

And I believe it’s a must-have LightWorker tool.

Information Field Technology 

Information Field Technology is based on the theory that The Information Field is the non-material area through which spirit and matter communicate; An intricate and ethereal network that connects the intangible aspects of existence, such as consciousness and spiritual essence, with the tangible elements of the material world.

This technology is based on the work of Healy’s founder Marcus Schmieke (a quantum physicist who also practiced as a monk for many years), drawing on the findings of scientists such as David Bohm. Schmieke has a special interest in the connection of mind, matter, and other spiritual and scientific subjects. His work helps us live a more conscious lifestyle as we humans experience an ascension process like none other before in history. 


To Elaborate on The Information Field…

All our emotional and mental issues are stored in a global Information Field from which they can be retrieved. Healy uses the principle of quantum entanglement to communicate with the Information Field, allowing us to identify the issues most important to us so we may begin to harmonize them through awareness, as well as vibrate the corrective frequencies required to create coherence in these given areas.


Think of the Information Field as a cosmic library of knowledge and wisdom.

And through the power of intention, we can unlock this library.


Healy is unique in the fact it merges science, spirituality, and technology. As the earth transitions to a higher vibration, as our collective consciousness evolves, and as old structures and institutions are crumbling, we need a new approach to health and self-healing. Healy empowers us to thrive during this time of the Great Awakening. 


The trifecta of science, spirituality and conscious technology may be just the thing to usher in the new paradigm for us all to thrive and flourish. 


With its quantum sensor and real-time scanning ability, Healy can locate any dissonant frequencies or energy patterns which may be causing or contributing to imbalances in our well-being, allowing the body to be guided back to a coherent state of wholeness and order.


This is powerful for so many reasons. 


LightWorkers are being called to step it up.

My Gift To You🤍 Delve into the energetics of your heart, practice two potent heart-opening breath techniques, and master the art of trusting your heart's intuitive wisdom in this free Masterclass.

The rise of Spiritual Coaches is at an all-time high.

We’re needed more than ever.

But if we’re not careful, the demand on us can be taxing.

Healy supports us in balancing self-care while being of service on a larger scale by assisting in peeling back the layers which interfere with us accessing our best and highest selves.


Healy Frequency Device for LightWorkers & Spiritual Coaches

Operating From Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Resonance is Now a Little Easier to Attain…


Imagine being able to reveal your blind spots – those places you’ve felt stuck on a hamster wheel for years. With the Healy Coach Module, you can begin to identify your subconscious patterns and understand yourself from a new vantage point. By revealing the underlying conflicts which hold us on a certain level of consciousness (aka the things keeping us ‘stuck’), we are better able to graduate to our next level with more clarity and ease. And because in the world of Quantum Physics, there is no separation; we know that when we rise, we bring all of humanity up with us. We are One Being creating ripple effects beyond our comprehension. 



As the world shifts and changes at a rapid speed, our physical vessel takes a toll. There are endless programs to help us adapt. The micro-currents used within the various Healy programs are designed to increase cellular voltage and support cellular health, increasing ATP production by up to 500%. Supporting our health from the cells up allows us to shine even stronger and brighter as we carry out our mission during our time on Earth. In this case, I absolutely love the Bioenergetic Vitalization Programs, as well as the Cellular Harmony program, to support my cellular foundation.



Imagine having a tool to help protect you from energy leaks. Without the proper protection, LightWorkers may feel drained from people, clients, and our environment… directly pulling us away from doing our best work. When you are a bearer of Light, energies of all sorts are drawn to you. If we don’t have energetic shields in place, our vital life force may become depleted, and our soul becomes tired. I especially love the General Protection program as it wraps us in an energetic blanket during those times of need, as well as the Soul Cycle Programs (especially the Aura Pure which is designed to support and purify our energy field).


Does Healy Replace Other Modalities? 

No. But it can certainly enhance them. Healy is not the silver bullet. Again, it’s a tool we can layer in and integrate with all our unique gifts, offerings and services. 

I personally layer Healy into my EFT + Breathwork sessions, retreats, and more.

Since integrating Healy into my practice, my clients’ breakthroughs are notably enhanced and amplified; we’re going deeper, releasing more, and feeling recalibrated faster. It’s been profound to witness the collapsing of timelines and achieving results much quicker than anticipated. 

My passion for the Healy Frequency Device lies first and foremost in self-treatment. Seeing LightWorkers use this tool to optimize themselves so they can flourish in the great work they do is my #1 focus. I want you to feel fantastic and free; owning your power and shining your light in a time when the world desperately needs us. Healy is simply one tool that can help get us there.


Helping LightWorkers and Spiritual Coaches integrate the Healy Frequency Device into their lives has been a great joy of mine for over 1.5 years now.

My community consists of a beautiful array of Light Working holistic practitioners who offer a variety of healing modalities, including but not limited to:


Massage therapy



Biofield Tuning



Quantum Healing 


Emotional Freedom Technique




Family Constellations Therapy


We’ve all been drawn to use Healy as a professional tool to support our well-being as we shine our light in our specialized areas, while many have decided to incorporate this device into their services and practices as well.


You do not need to be a practitioner or energy worker to join my community…

but you do get to benefit from all the wisdom we collectively share.


Shine Your LightWorker Gifts

Are you a LightWorker or Spiritual Coach ready to invest in your very own Healy Frequency Device? 

I’d love to guide you along the way. 

If you're feeling called, click here to purchase from my shop and access my mentorship.


Have a few questions before you invest? 

Book a 15-minute chat with me HERE.


Keep shining,

stephanie packer


*Please note: As much as I’d love to support everyone, I can only offer my direct mentorship to those who purchase from my link. If you’ve been speaking to someone else about Healy, please circle back to them.



The analysis and harmonization in the Information Field is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any disease or medical condition. It is intended to give the user the option, in a holistic context, to derive helpful information from findings from the Information Field. Each user should determine, based on their own intuition and experience, whether the application seems to be helpful to them or not. 

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