Self-Care Series; Stop Over-Apologizing


I heard a statistic on the radio recently that bothered me.

Women apologize 6 or more times a day.


I'm sorry my house is a mess...
Sorry I'm so tired...

Sorry, I didn't have a chance to do my hair...
I'm sorry I didn't make the perfect meal at the perfect time,

That I talk too much, that my FB Live wasn't immaculate and I said 'UMM' a few too many times,

That the laundry didn't get folded...


When you over-apologize, you dim your light and diminish your personal power. 


You silently say;

I fell short of your standards,

I'm not valuable,

I'm a burden,

A nuisance,

A pain in the ass...


Stop apologizing for being you.

If you've harmed someone - apologize
If you truly messed up - apologize


Let's quit tossing around 'sorrys' like it's our full-time job.

You can still be an extremely compassionate person and not apologize all day long.


One way to make a subtle & intentional shift is to swap "I'm sorry" for "thank you"

"Thanks for waiting" instead of "I'm sorry I'm late"
"Thanks for ignoring my dishes" instead of "I'm sorry my dishes aren't done"


Moving forward, I'm going to be much more conscientious of apologizing on auto-pilot.

I choose to own my flaws & weaknesses and will shine my light as brightly as I please - without counteracting it all with 'I'm sorry.'

I hope you do the same.

~Steph xx