Holiday Self-Care Survival

Ah that holiday bliss.

...errr tension??

Whichever end of the festive spectrum you land on one thing is for sure, we can ALL use more self-care, especially around the most beautiful (or hectic) time of the year. 


Below you'll find a handful of my top self-care tips. These tips are especially geared towards those of us who feel a little uneasy around this time of year.


I've broken these tips/advice down into 3 categories;

1. spiritual

2. emotional

3. nutritional


To ensure you're feeling your best this season it's important to look at the overall picture. I'd like to share how simple (and important) it can be. 





One of my top go-to tools for spiritual guidance is angel cards. For years now they've offered me the gentle nudges and reminders I need. During times of uncertainty or stress, they always offer the perfect message to those seeking answers.

So, I pulled a card for you and this is what we got...


"Vacuum Away Fear"

A common factor that sends our stress through the roof is the anticipation of what's to come. Your best bet? Vacuum away those anxieties now so you can enter the situation with a clear and happy mind. 

To ensure we have the grounded holiday that we desire, strive to release all past tensions and worries and aim to only see the situation through the lens of love (even if it feels far-fetched and difficult, it's utterly important to send love and be love). By cleansing away residual energies and bidding farewell to past stories as to how you believe this situation will unfold, you're creating the space to re-write the situation in a more joyous light. 


1. Visualize the situation, person, story, or feeling that you're ready to let go of. 

2. Imagine an energetic vacuum literally sucking up all these anxieties, worries, emotions.

3. Say an affirmation or power statement (out loud or in your mind) such as;

"I no longer desire the feeling of heaviness or anxiety during the holidays. I allow this vacuum to take these emotions away so I can feel light, happy and free."

4. Imagine the vacuum sucking away all the toxic and fear-based energies you've held on to, and if you feel called to, you can ask for the help of Archangels Michael and Raphael to heal this situation. 




The holidays can be a very emotional time for many of us and having a few tools tucked away in your emotional toolbox can equip you with ways to better manage invasive family members, obnoxious conversations, and potentially save shit from hitting the fan.

My million dollar question is the perfect ammo to protect yourself from a ton of miscommunication and fiery tempers so we can all enjoy a more blissful holiday season. Discover it in my 1 minute video;


I'd love to know if this video is helpful - leave a comment below! 




As your friendly holistic nutritionist, I can't chat self-care without addressing our delicate digestive system for a quick sec.

I've listed 3 main factors that tend to be the norm for most of us during the holidays. If you can relate, you'll want to check out my DIGESTION & DETOX Pack;


An Influx Of Refined Sugars

Sugar wreaks havoc on our blood sugar causing ups & downs in our mood (aka shortens our fuse and can make us hot tempered, tired, and everything in between), weakens our immune system, promotes blemishes in our complexion, and makes us feel a general sense of blah. 

Your best bet; obviously reducing your intake of refined sugars in the first place is a huge help, but if you choose to indulge aim to drink plenty of water to flush out your system, consume adequate fibre to help balance blood sugar, consume healthy fats and proteins to help curb your sweet tooth. 


Increased Alcohol Consumption

Starting the day with vegan Bailey's in your coffee? Me too ...our poor little liver.

Our liver is involved in over 500 functions, so protecting it should be a priority. A healthy liver helps promotes clear skin, allows you to feel lighter, less bloated, less constipated, less agitated (in Chinese Medicine our liver is associated with the emotion of anger, so the more liver-loaders you consume, the less harmonized you'll feel emotionally). Remember to eat at least a few leafy greens which support liver health, and start your day with warm water and lemon (ideally before that Baileys & coffee please ;)


Non-Stop Eating

Who's gearing up for an all-you-can-eat marathon?

As much as possible, eat mindfully. This means, do not binge on auto-pilot. Take time to ask yourself if you really need that 3rd serving, are you eating because you're bored or emotional, or are you actually just thirsty but mistaking it for hunger? 

Eating mindfully means you take a moment to pause. Eat slowly. Chew your food (your stomach doesn't have teeth, so help it out by chewing!), try not to consume liquids while you're eating (this dilutes your digestive juices and forces your body to work harder = you'll want to take a nap after mealtime). 


I could list so many more tips, but in the name of having some fun and festive holiday cheer, we'll stop there to keep it simple and actionable. I do however, suggest you check out my non-negotiable DIGESTION & DETOX staples below with 3 of my top nutritional products which support the above issues I mentioned ->


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There you have it. A few of my top tips for a joyous holiday in mind, body, spirit and emotions. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below and please feel free to share this with anyone who may be dealing with some anxious feelings as the holidays approach. 


Blessings to you!

Steph xx