After having such phenomenal results in my own life and business from various angel card readings,

I knew sharing this gift with others was a divine responsibility.


As a Certified Angel Card Reader (CACR) it's always a pleasure sitting with my clients; 

guiding them to their next level of greatness, prosperity and confidence. 


Honestly, I feel like you go deep into my soul and pluck out exactly what I need to hear.
— Betsy Milne


In this non-intimidating, insightful session we'll peel back the layers so we can get to the root of what's holding you back, keeping you stuck, and

cut any cords to the thoughts/people/habits that are no longer serving you. 



Ready to experience an amazing shift for yourself? 

All sessions are held via phone, FaceTime, or email.

*Once you secure your payment via PayPal, you'll be directed to my online schedule where you can choose a time that works best for you*


Curious to hear my podcast interview about the wonderful world of angels?

Tune in to the Luscious Living Podcast {Episode #14: Ask The Angels}

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Who Can Benefit From My Readings?

Although I mainly work with entrepreneurs who are seeking the next level for themselves and their businesses,

I can help support a variety of people and concerns such as;


Entrepreneurs who are ready to ask for guidance and stop fully relying on their own efforts


People who are feeling stuck, frustrated, annoyed, energetically drained...


People seeking affirmation or clarity on challenging decisions, ideas or projects


Or perhaps you're craving a change in direction and not sure where to start...