Hey Side Hustler!

Would you love a little mystique + magic

tossed into your biz?

Feeling a bit drained and discouraged with the lack of results in your side-hustle?

Are you craving clearer guidance, more confidence, bigger impact, more income?

Are you spiritually curious and open to exploring a new approach to your side-hustle?

I've got you covered!

My 3-part video training is alllll about tapping into the flow, wisdom and abundance of the Universe to elevate your business. Through the power of angel cards and the insight they offer, you'll begin to notice desirable shifts in the way you view your business. 

With super relatable language in an easy-to-understand approach, you’ll learn my spiritual success tips, how I use angel cards every day to boost my business confidence, plus lots more!

As a Certified Angel Card Reader (CACR), we’ll pull back the curtains of my business and you’ll learn the exact steps I take to execute accurate insightful readings to help me make decisions, trust my intuition and make consistent progress in my biz. ⠀

Stephanie is a true, heart-centered visionary on a mission to help support women entrepreneurs grow. My favorite part of working together has been our monthly Angel Card Readings.

Her soulful insights and ability to help me relate the cards back to my business have been instrumental for me over the past year. By helping me tune out the noise and redirecting me to ask deeper questions, I have seen massive growth in all areas of my life.

Thanks Steph for all that you do

Let's shift from pushing/grinding/forcing


flowing/clarity/confidence, together! 


We'll Cover;

  • How to cleanse and clear your space to channel in more abundance

  • My favourite card decks for side-hustlers

  • My Spiritual Success Foundations

  • My top crystal suggestions for side-hustlers

  • A guided meditation for cutting cords and detaching from draining people, clients, situations

  • My top 3 favourite card spreads to create deep connection with your deck

  • Mindset shifts to move you from fear to fierce!


You'll Receive;

  • A 19 page downloadable PDF with all my suggestions, tips, and homework prompts

  • 3 fun and engaging video training's

  • The confidence to rock your side-hustle like a spiritual boss babe!

Receiving an angel card reading from Stephanie was a profound and moving experience. It was new for me and she was so reassuring and her calm energy kept the reading warm and loving.

The angel cards were so spot on and their messages rang so true to exactly what I needed to hear. It won’t be my last angel card reading with her!

I had so much fun putting this guided mini-course together. Once you apply my simple practices you’ll wonder how you ever did business without them!

Enjoy this powerful video training for only $66!